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E-Pharm AMP E-Pharm Joint Force 2oz E-Pharm TestForce 2 182gm
E-Pharm AMP
Our Price: $23.99
E-Pharm Joint Force 2oz
Our Price: $12.99
E-Pharm TestForce 2 182gm
Our Price: $12.99
Amplified Metabolic Performance. Have you ever had a day in the gym when you felt so energized & heightened that you never wanted to leave? With E-Pharm AMP, you can have those days every time you step into the gym. AMP contains a fusion of sophisticated and effective ingredients designed to kill appetite, increase energy, and burn fat. With its combination of ingredients rooted in research, E-Pharm delivers a product that will deliver results. The most recent research has identified the major culprits behind chronic connective tissue myopathies (such as tendinitis / tendinosis) as a group of natural biochemicals known as pro-inflammatory cytokines. E-Pharm Joint Force targets these destructive compounds and reduces their levels, thereby lowering catabolic inflammation so healing is allowed to take place. E-Pharm Joint Force also contains ingredients designed to enhance connective tissue regeneration as well as provide an acute analgesic action. In case you aren’t aware, d-aspartic acid is the hottest supplement ingredient on the market right now. It has more scientific literature supporting its ability to act as a natural regulator of anabolic hormone (i.e. testosterone, growth hormone) release in the body than any supplement ingredient EVER.

E-Pharm was the company to bring you the premium form of d-aspartic acid – d-aspartate calcium chelate. This form is more than 75 times as water soluble as regular d-aspartic acid and soluble over a wide pH range. This ensures the most rapid and complete absorption possible. And now E-Pharm has taken the lead in d-aspartic acid technology again with the patent pending addition of the amino acid sarcosine.